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Access Line General Trading LLC is a reputed trading company in Dubai and managed by an experience team. We are highly reputed for supplying quality products and competitive prices.

With our large network of manufacturers, Access Line General Trading is capable of supplying any product required by customers.

Our main product line is office supplies and product range includes stationary, equipment, furniture, marketing products and printing products.

Please visit our food product division ALO-Mart website for Sri Lankan food items


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Access Line Middle East Passenger Transport Bus Rental LLC is a reputed transportation provider in Dubai and managed by an experience operation team. We are highly reputed for our service, safety standards and competitive prices.

The secret of Access Line Middle East is sincerity and committed approach to guest requirements, anticipating their needs and working towards providing fullest satisfaction to them. Thus moving ahead, Access Line Middle East has continued to expand the range of services offered, supporting them with the state of the art back up services.

In order to deliver the extreme level of professionalized and personalized services and also to be the most competitive, Access Line Middle East maintains large fleet of leased deluxe air-conditioned vehicles consisting of premium cars of different makes and models and luxury coaches with varied seating capacity to suit individual requirements.


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Access Line International is a reputed company in Sri Lanka and managed by an international experience team. We are highly reputed for quality products, services and competitive prices.

Access Line International is a company with various activities that can provide wide range of products and services.

Our main area of  expertise are building construction, consultancy, building design, interior decoration, building maintenance, project management, building material supply and real estate services.

Please visit our Sri Lanka website for products and services



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